Throwback Thursday Post~! 2011-2012
The only series of illustrations I ever finished. Ever. 
I was backtracking my blog, but I never posted the entire thing on here.


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Trianon One Piece 

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Funeral Procession of Rose OP by Alice and The Pirates 

I received it in the mail last week :D I just put it on real quick, so my coord isn’t perfected here, but wow I love it! I have some minor issues regarding the sleeve length, and buttoning of the collar piece (not worn in the photo here), otherwise, it is so beautiful and I love it to bits T_T weeeee I love that night gown feel, so dreamy. <3

Oh wow @_@

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Otakuthon 2014 Saturday Coord ~

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(18/03/2014) Meeting

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Sachi’s room in GLB extra 2.

My cat needs the same collar when she’s grown up <3

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Putting together wild outfits always makes me feel better, so now I’m planning an OTT Gothic adorable little vampire coord~

Now to find a JSK with a vampire-themed print that isn’t *completely* out of my price range…

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright [Paris] 

72, Avenue Ledru-Rollin 
Monday-Saturday 12-7pm, closed Sunday

We went twice - on a Monday and Friday - and it was very quiet and peaceful both times. There were large fans, so it was cool inside, and a mi of J-Pop and J-Rock was being played. Shop assistant Claire (pictured in black) is very nice and patient, even when I tried on a lot of items!  

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