Today was my birthday, so I decided to try out nun lolita! I really love this dress. *_*

~Lillith Gray

Oh my God, this coord is so flawless, I can’t handle it @_@

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The nearest outfits collection~

Please call these pictures “No hat no life”…._(:з」∠)_


1&2, hat: Alèthe / scarf: R-SERIES / JSK, bag&shoes: IW / tights: Grimoire / parasol: BSSB.

3, hat: Corgi / blouse: R-SERIES / vest,pants&tights: IW / bag: BSSB

4&5, OP, bag, stockings&shoes: IW / brooch: R-SERIES / parasol: BSSB.

6&7, hat: Burgess Hats’ / blouse&pants: R-SERIES / tails: B.O.Z.

8, hat: Deserve / JSK: R-SERIES / stockings&bag: IW.

9, hat&bolero: R-SERIES / JSK: IW/  parasol: BSSB.

10, Yes! This is a sneak peek of our new design! The whole series will be released between Aug and Sep! Do not miss it then~ :P
hat, eye patch, blouse&vestcoat: R-SERIES , pants: A&P.

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Rococo Soul     

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.~° Comtesse Bag °~.

Bat-shaped bag by Medusa Couture, available in black and bordeaux.

Get it here

Etsy Shop

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My outfit for the Tea Party at Otakuthon in Montreal last week-end ! 

Headdress, earrings, necklace, ring x 2, handbag, socks, blouse, JSK : Moi-même-moitié 

Shoes : Offbrand 

You look amazing!!

whoa! beautiful! I wish i was there!


Pictures from the Tea Party with Guests of Honor Babyssb ! 

Pic #1 : Midori asked me to take a picture of my outfit !!!! (/ w \) 
Pic #2 : I felt shy and kawaii and well here’s a candid shot ahaha
Pic #3 : Each table got a picture with the 4 guests, Rin-chan (shop staff), Akinori Isobe-san (CEO of Baby), the designer of baby (I don’t know her name ;_; ), and Midori ! (I’m at far right ~)
Pic #4 : The guests while we could ask them questions ! I asked them in japanese how they deal with wearing lolita in very warm weather (as that day was very warm lol) and the shop staff said “Well we have nice OPs for that, but we just do our best !” 
Pic #5 : Since I really liked that Isobe-san looked so nice cool and laid back, I wanted a picture with him because his outfit also matched my dark outfit ! He was very nice :) 

I’m glad I went, it was an honor to meet Midori and the others <3 

where was this? I am so out of the loop ~_~

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Dolly Ouji inspired outfit~

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My Science Center meet-up outfit. (not very science but w.e.)

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Queen of Hearts coordinate for comic con :)

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress, blouse, OTKs: AatP
  • Necklace: Moitie
  • Bag: VW
  • Head piece: handmade by reafre

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Surface Spell 

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